Wednesday, July 24, 2013

( 20 Sept 2012 )


All the way from Birmingham, 14 hours away from Malaysia. It's 8 degree Celsius with light rain. One word, C O L D.

A few pictures of the Victorian Buildings in the city:

I really like 'em, Victorian era never fail to pique my interest.


I felt a pang the moment I crossed the border. The little voice in my head were overflowed with the sudden changes
A twinge that I could never explain.

Okay, I digress.

I'm just saying its really quite tough for me. I don't how you folks do it ALONE, I truly respect that especially in a foreign land with very little people of the same background as yours.

I use my strength not to cry. Just so, I don't have to dwell on homesickness.

missing home