Tuesday, April 16, 2013


不知道你們是否遭遇過類似的傷痛? 亂劍穿心,痛心入骨,那種言語無法形容的痛。



‘其實我一點都不堅強,很懦弱,愛哭得要命,只是死愛面子逞強。記得老師問我,你怎麼哭了? 我說風吹沙進眼睛里了。那時我才六歲。常常說自己不婚主義,不是不想建立自己得家庭,而是生怕會離婚收場,萬一心臟負荷不了還不知道會干出甚麼愚蠢的事。在不健全的環境長大,覺得自己是個被遺棄的小孩,始終是個打不開的結。從小渴望被愛,但又不知怎麼去接受別人的善意。遇到困難我只會逃,因為不想面對現實所帶來的傷害。我忽冷忽熱,是不知何時我們的友好會演變成日後的痛,沒有勇氣再去相信永遠這兩個字。我就是這麼一個心理不健全的女孩子,你還願意當我的姐妹,朋友,家人嗎?’

蕾蕾 x

Monday, October 17, 2011



Hi Earthlings, I've finally decided to blog. No particular reason or so. I just felt like it.


October is half gone and Semester 2 had just started for me. I'm feeling really happy and grateful these days especially to be able to take a leap forward and leave what's supposed to be left to the past. For that, I have to give credit to PZ and thank you to those who've been there for me along the way.

L o t s o f L o v e x.


Last Saturday, I slept wrong on my neck and failed to move my neck. It hurts like hell and I start bawling whenever I (or someone) accidentally triggered the pain. *shudders* Well, it sort of reminded me not to take little things for granted, yes, like moving your neck.Currently recuperating (Y).


All I can think of A is Australia. It's the BEST trip I've ever had for the past nineteen years. I had a lot of my BEST ___ there. I had the BEST ribs, BEST dutch pancakes, BEST alcohol drink, BEST macrons, BEST pizza and it goes on and on... I really would love to go there again soon, keeping my fingers crossed.

See you when I see you

L O V E // M U A H. x